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Information regarding Gum Disease

In the early stages, gum diseases are often not painful but over a period of time, they can cause severe bleeding of the gum, pocketing and other gum-related problems. Protect yourself from gum disease by taking precautionary measures. For more information about gum disease, call Peak Smile Studio in Chesterfield and speak to our team.

The causes behind gum disease

One of the major reasons behind any gum problems is plaque, which is a sticky bacterial film which forms constantly on your teeth. If you ignore gum problems, it can result in critical damage to your gums and teeth. At Peak Smile Studio, we carry out a Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE) to make sure that you do not have any pocketing, which indicates that you are suffering from gum problems. We will also take X-rays to check for bone loss. To book an appointment for a BPE, get in touch.

Helping Prevent Periodontal Disease

  • Regular brushing and cleaning your teeth as instructed by your dentist or hygienist
  • It is important to use dental floss and interdental brushes (TePe Brushes) as plaque build-ups in areas which are hard to clean
  • Remove hard deposits of tartar which accumulate around your gum by scaling your teeth on a regular basis
  • Regular dental check-ups to ensure your gums remain healthy
  • Removing risk factors such as smoking

Teeth Scaling: How Often Should You Do It?

It all depends on the condition of your gums. If there are only low signs of gum disease then scaling is required only once a year. However, based on the condition, you might need to do it every 3 or 6 months. To book an appointment today, contact our dentists at Peak Smile Studio.

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